State and Provincial Representatives

Clan MacDougall Society of North America, Inc

State and Provincial Representatives


Represents:  Alabama
Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson Hereford
(256) 883-9825
(256) 539-0505 (o)

Represents:  California Central
Cuff Burrell
(559) 924-0922

Represents:  California North
Victor Kottinger

Represents:  California South
Darleen  Weisz
(940) 770-2622

Represents:  Colorado
Society Tent Sponsor
Barry MacDougall
Estes Park Games

Represents:  District of Columbia

Represents: Florida
Mimi Leroy-Marler
(813) 886-1354

Society Tent Sponsor
Beverley Mundt
Central Florida

Represents:  Georgia
Lester Howell

Represents:  Hawaii

Society Tent Sponsor – Indiana
Catherine MacDougall-Dunham
Elizabethtown, IN

Represents:  Maine
Dr. Art Dingley

Represents: Manitoba
Donald McDougald
(204) 667-6930

Represents:  Maryland
Mr. Dennis McDowell
(301) 253-8839

Society Tent Sponsor
John & Cynthia Dowdle
Alexandria, VA

Represents:  Massachusetts
Sheila M. & Edwin C. McDowell
(508) 754-6104

Society Tent Sponsor
Anne MacDougall Carine


Represents:  Michigan
Sandra  Phelps
(248) 625-4080

Represents:  Minnesota
Wade MacDougal
(320) 841-3535

Represents: Nebraska
Doug Fowler

Represents: New Jersey
Society Tent Sponsor
Heather Shaw
Albany Games

Represents:  North Carolina
Region:  South-East

Society Tent Sponsor
Mark Lucas
Winston-Salem, NC

Represents: Oklahoma
Misha Lowther

Represents: Ontario
Valerie McDougall
(226) 236-6702

Represents:  Oregon
Chris McDowell

Represents:  Pennsylvania
Kyra Monsam
Allentown, PA
(704) 578-9413

Society Tent Sponsor
John V. Cowan
Jonestown, PA

Represents:  South Carolina
M/M Irene & Robert  Stancik
(843) 797-2275

Represents:  Tennessee
Charlotte Baker

Represents:  Texas
Brent Rich

Society Tent Sponsor
Jim McDougle

Represents: Virginia 
John Dowdle
Alexandria, VA

Represents: Virginia North

Society Tent Sponsor
Elizabeth Erin MacDougall




How to join, contact:

Valerie McDougall, Vice President for Membership

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