Since the year 1164

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A little about what we do and who we are
Highland Games

We set up Clan booths at countless Games and Festivals across North America each year.


We encourage the promotion of Scottish and Celtic heritage through our scholarship program, which rewards youth each year for their hard work and effort.

MacDowall Names

Cole, Coyle, Coul(l), Dole, Dougal(l), Dowdle, Dowal(l), Dowel(l), Dowler, Dowling, Doyle, Dugal, Dugle, Duval(l), Duwal(l), Kyle, MacDewel(l), MacDill, MacDole, MacDool, Macdowal, McDowel(l), MacDowel, MacDowgal(l), McDowile, McDoual(l), M’Doual(l), MacDool, McDoll, Macdougal(l) (original ancient name), Mcdougal(l), MacDouyl, M’Douwille, Macduel, Mactheuel, McCoul, McDuhile, MacDull, Macduoel, MacDuyl, Mcduwel(l), Makdougal(l), M’Gowal(l), O’Dowil(l), Howell, MacHowell, McHowell, Wall, Wahl, and many more.


We are currently working away at updating our records to provide a greater picture of our history, not only in Scotland, but in North America as well.

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Clan Booths

Just a few of the Games/Festivals we attend. Check out our Games Calendar for the entire list!
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About us

What we represent
Our Society preserves and promotes Scottish Heritage

Originally established in 1965, The Clan MacDougall Society of North America has been in operation for the past 50 years! We aim to ensure that people have a resource when it comes to finding out more about their heritage.

  • United States

    Where we were founded

  • Canada

    Home to the chief of Clan MacDowall

  • Scotland

    Our ancestral home

  • The World

    We are a global family

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Our Elected Officers

These volunteers spend countless hours making sure the Society runs smoothly
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones
Chief Executive Officer of the Society. The President shall preside at all meetings of members, Directors, and of the Executive Committee.
Chris MacDougall
Chris MacDougall
President Elect
In the absence of the President for any cause, the President Elect shall have, exercise, and discharge all the powers and duties of the President.
Barbara Osgood
Barbara Osgood
Vice President for the Treasury
The Vice President for the Treasury (Treasurer) keeps a record of all funds received and disbursed by the Society and makes such disbursements in accordance with these Bylaws and applicable Standing Rules.
Valerie McDougall
Valerie McDougall
Vice President for Membership
The Vice President for Membership presides over all topics related to members, potential members, and associated items.
Matt MacDougall
Matt MacDougall
John McDowall
John McDowall
The webmaster is the head of the Internet Committee, and oversees the online content distributed by the Society, including this site.
Misha Lowther
Misha Lowther
Recording Secretary / Archivist

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