Make this the year you get to know more about Clan MacDougall and Clan MacDowall.
Support Your  Heritage! 

The Clan MacDougall Society of North America is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on preserving, presenting and perpetuating the heritage, traditions, and customs of our two allied Clans to all who wish to learn.


The purposes of the Society are literary, historical, and educational as follows: 

      • To produce and distribute print and multimedia materials related to our two Clans.
      • To collect and preserve historical materials related to our two Clans.
      • To encourage tourism to Scotland, specifically to sites of importance to our two Clans.
      • To preserve our important historical sites.
      • To facilitate academic study in traditionally Scottish topic areas through scholarship programs.
      • To perpetuate Scottish traditions and customs, promote Clan sentiment, and social interaction.
      • To support other literary, historical, educational or similar activities as the Board of Directors determines.

Anyone who supports these purposes can join! Particularly anyone who:

      • has the surname of MacDougall or MacDowall, however spelled
      • has a surname historically associated with our clan; i.e., associated families (also known as a“sept” name)
      • is connected by marriage to, or is descended from, someone  bearing any of those surnames
      • believes they are affiliated with Clan MacDougall or Clan MacDowall in any other way or would like to be!


Enjoy the benefits of membership in the Clan MacDougall Society of North America:

        • Connect with your kin
        • Keep up with Society news
        • Participate in Society activities and events
        • Access and contribute to Society research
        • Preserve Scottish traditions and customs
        • Support students through scholarships
        • Preserve important historic sites
        • Experience a sense of belonging 

Be a part of the 21st century history of our Clans.

Join today!