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The Clan MacDougall Society of North America operates on a tradition of service to preserve our Scottish heritage and to communicate the proud histories and traditions. All work is done by members who enjoy volunteering their time, energy and even their resources.

Please let us know how you would like to assist in the work of the Society by checking the appropriate boxes below. Visit www.macdougall.org for more information about these activities and Standing Committees. Someone responsible for that activity will contact you. We need your assistance!


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Help out at local GamesHelp more experienced members greet visitors to our clan tents and discuss their interest in our heritage. Learn how to host your own. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get involved.
State / Provincial Representative or Assistant RepresentativeHelp coordinate the Society's state activities, particularly our participation in Scottish games, communications and membership.
Regional Commissioner Participate in the leadership of the Society at the regional level, coordinating and assisting efforts of State Representatives.
National Board of DirectorsStand for election to the national leadership of the Society, assisting in governing the Society's business.
NewslettersAssist with communications including The Tartan journal and our monthly e-newsletter. Writers, reporters, graphic designers needed.
HeritageIf you have an interest in clan cultural tradition, and enjoy researching and writing, contribute articles about MacDougall and MacDowall heritage, including language, history, music, song, dance, piping. This supports our newsletters, website and general depth of understanding of our heritage.
InternetTechnical advice and assistance is always appreciated.
GenealogyMembers frequently ask for genealogical assistance. If you have an interest or experience in genealogy, we can use your help in finding ways to collect information and creating a web database.
HospitalityIf you enjoy event planning, help this Committee coordinate and share ideas to make Society members, guests and visitors feel welcome at Clan events and gatherings.
YouthYoung people, including college age, have real enthusiasm for their heritage. Help find ways to reach out to youth, seek their ideas, and create programs to help them network with each other.
Administrative workIf you have administrative skills, including accounting, database management, and legal, or the ability to coordinate projects and help implement programs, we would appreciate your advice and assistance.
Other ways you can helpIf you can help in other ways, please mention here:

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