February 16, 2014

Board of Directors

Note: Board elections are held annually. New three-year terms begin at the annual Board meeting, held each July.

Clan MacDougall Society Board of Directors and their term expirations.

Member Term Ends Email address
Keith Place 2022 keithsaor@outlook.com
Christopher McDowell 2021


Micheal Lowther (Recording Secretary) 2021 secretary@macdougall.org
Anne Carine 2023 Anne.carine@COMCAST.NET
Barbara Edelman 2023 barb3.edelman@gmail.com
Scott MacDougald (VP Canada) 2021 VPCanada@macdougall.org
Chris MacDougall (President-Elect) 2023 presidentelect@macdougall.org
Don MacDougall  2023 donmacdougall@gmail.com
Doug MacDougall 2023 dougmacdoug@gmail.com
Kyle Jones (President) 2022  president@macdougall.org
Brent Rich 2022 redlion1122@yahoo.com
Diane McDowell 2021 dkmcdo@gmail.com
Doug Fowler 2021 dkfowler13@msn.com 
John McDowall 2023 john.d.mcdowall@gmail.com
Barry Marler 2021 bmarler6@gmail.com
Valerie McDougall (VP Membership) 2022 Membership@MacDougall.oRg
Darleen Weisz 


Barbara Osgood (VP for Treasury)











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