February 16, 2014

Board of Directors

Note: Board elections are held annually. New three-year terms begin at the annual Board meeting, held each July.

Clan MacDougall Society Board of Directors and their term expirations.

Member Term Ends  
Keith Place 2022  
Christopher McDowell 2021


Micheal Lowther (Recording Secretary) 2021  
Anne Carine 2023  
Barbara Edelman 2023  
Scott MacDougald (VP Canada) 2021  
Chris MacDougall (President-Elect) 2023  
Don MacDougall  2023  
Doug MacDougall 2023  
Kyle Jones (President) 2022  
Brent Rich 2022  
Diane McDowell 2021  
Doug Fowler 2021  
John McDowall 2023  
Barry Marler 2021  
Valerie McDougall (VP Membership) 2022  
Darleen Weisz 

Barbara Osgood (VP for Treasury)





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