Each year our Awards Committee makes recommendations to our President to recognize members for their distinguished service to the Society.

  • The recipients are honored at our Annual General Meeting and at our Annual Founders Dinner held in July near Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.
  • Awards are presented only when merited.

The Society has two Awards available to recognize meritorious Members of the Society:

1. Our Somerled Award, our Society’s highest honor, was established by our Past President Walter Macdougall to honor Members who have demonstrated a longstanding history of excellence while contributing their time and talent to the Society.

2. Our Appreciation Award for overall service, dedication, and special contribution to the Society by a Member was established by our Past President Mel MacDougall.

Winners of the Somerled Award
P. Donald MacDougall 1994
Marjorie McLeod & Margaret McLeod 1998
James W. McDougal 1999
Doug & Sandy MacDougall 1999
Ed & Sheila McDowell 1999
David MacDougall 2000
Walter M. Macdougall 2001
Bill Leroy 2001
G. Simms McDowell, Jr. 2005
John Kent Kane 2005
Richard T. MacDougal 2005
A. Wylie McDougall 2006
John W. McDougall, Jr. 2006
Scott MacDougald 2007
Sibyl McDougald Wilkinson 2008
Percilla McDougal 2010
Beacham MacDougald 2011
Kevin & Sandy Phelps 2012
Richard Van Valkenburg 2016
Sandra MacDougall 2017
Winners of the Appreciation Award
William A. MacDougall 2002
Percilla A. McDougal 2002
Beacham MacDougald 2002
John A. McDougall 2003
John McDowell Moore 2003
Sibyl McDougald Wilkinson 2004
Howard & Marge MacDougall 2004
Richard & Nancy Van Valkenburgh 2005
Simms McDowell, III 2005
Phillips McDowell 2005
Don Northcutt 2005
Dr. Robert McDougal 2006
Mel & Nyla MacDougall 2006
W. Troy McDougal 2006
Bruce & Beth McClintock 2007
Cuff Burrell 2007
William Ermatinger 2007
Maxwell MacDougall 2008
Suzanne McDougal 2008
Darleen Weisz 2008
Ashby McCown 2009
Vitaliy Negoda 2009
Tamera M. Rondinaro 2010
Terry & Jennifer McDougal 2010
Sheila McDowell 2011
Eugene McDougald 2012
James McDowell 2012
Martin & Ruth McDougall 2013
Buzzy Bramble 2014
Peter Clepper 2014
Malcolm MacDougall 2015
Keith Place 2016
Chris MacDougall 2017
Nancy Kane 2018