Regional Flags

What are Regional Flags and who has them?

In 1995 the Society purchased 13 Regional Flags and 1 more in 1997 – one each for the 14 Regions then in existence. The North Central Region was formed later.

• Each yellow and blue Regional Flag measures 3 feet by 5 feet.
• Each Regional Flag has an 18 ½” wide x 22” high belted clan crest in the center. In the upper left corner is a 12” high x 16” wide canton with a white background displaying a distinct logo chosen by each Region. The canton logos were described in the Fall 1995 issue of The Tartan newsletter. They are as follows:

1. Atlantic Canada – White Saint Andrew’s Cross on Blue
2. Quebec – Beaver
3. Ontario – Red Maple Leaf and White Trillium
4. Canada West – Bison on the Plains
5. British Columbia – Cross and Lion Passant
6. Mid-Atlantic – Raven
7. Heartland – Luckenbooth Heart
8. Mid-West – Unknown. A Regional Commissioner was not in place to choose a flag until 1997.
9. North Central – None. This Region was created in 2010 by dividing the Mid-West Region.
10. Northeast – Outline of the New England States
11. Northwest – Salmon, Coniferous tree, and Mountain
12. Pacific Crescent – Golden Crescent on Blue
13. Rocky Mountain – Elk
14. Southeast – Blazing Sun and Southeast States’ Outline
15. Southwest – Radiating Sun with Face

• Regional Flags are assigned to the entire Region to display at Society Tents, Events, and in parades.
• They are to be passed on to the keeping of successor Regional Commissioners but remain the property of the Society. In the event there is no one on the Region to act as keeper of the Regional Flag, then the President Elect should be contacted for advice.