February 16, 2014

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees, their Chairs, and their Purposes

Below are short descriptions of the Standing Committees of the Society, their chairs, and their e-mails for contact.   If you have questions about a particular committee, wish to join a committee, or make a comment, please contact the chair at his or her e-mail contact address.

Awards: Sandra MacDougall

singsan@aol.com  Awards Committee maintains criteria for the selection of individuals for special honors and awards. It solicits candidates and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors. Designs medals, certificates or other memorials for awards and creates appropriate presentation ceremonies. Notifies appropriate committees/individuals (e.g. Publicity, Tartan) of awardees. Reviews current and past awards to institute a historical record and annually forwards such a record to the Clan Archivist. Prepares a yearly budget; prepare a yearly report for the President and the Board of Directors.


The Budget Committee assists the other standing committees in preparing an annual budget. The committee receives the anticipated financial expenditures from each standing committees and prepares an annual budget for the Clan MacDougall Society of North America. This budget covers a fiscal year and is presented to the Board of Directors during the annual meeting, prior to the fiscal year it takes effect, for approval. The committee makes the budget available to all Society members.

Genealogy: Kevin R. Phelps

kevin.phelps@comcast.net  The genealogy committee for the Clan MacDougall Society of North America reviews the Society’s genealogy materials and the options for electronic organization. Once a method of organization and data management has been selected, with the assurance of privacy protections, the committee will actively promote the collection of genealogical information. The committee will seek to make collected information accessible to Society members. The committee will field queries from Society members. The committee prepares a yearly budget and prepare a yearly report for the President and Board of Directors.

Heritage: Vacant

The Heritage Committee, with the help of the members of the Clan MacDougall Society and other resources, tries to provide, as comprehensively as can be established, a historical look into the significant events in the history of this Clan. This is accomplished by members who have an interest in our history and who are willing to share their information for the benefit of the Clan. Both the general membership and the committee are welcome to share their knowledge with the committee. This information can then be researched and documented for publishing. We hope to be able to put all of these stories into a book titled “Tales from the Clan.” We hope that all members of the Clan MacDougall Society from all areas will submit material for this endeavor. The committee prepares a yearly budget and yearly report for the President and the Board of Directors.

Hospitality: Judy MacDougall

luvtrizak@yahoo.com The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to make Clan MacDougall Society members, guests and visitors feel welcome at Clan events and gatherings, thus enriching the experience of active membership. It continually seeks ways to establish Clan MacDougall as an open, inclusive and welcoming organization, and coordinates major Society social events and gatherings. Prepares a yearly budget; prepares a yearly report for the President and the Board of Directors.

International Relations: Richard MacDougal

dnbmacdougal@juno.com   The purpose of our International Relations committee is to maintain the good and close relationship with the leaders of Clan MacDougall in Scotland, which has existed since the beginnings of the Clan MacDougall Society. These leaders are:

Morag MacDougall of MacDougall, Chief of Clan MacDougall. Colin MacDougall of Lunga, Senior Cadet of Clan MacDougall Charles MacDougall of Gallanach, Cadet of Clan MacDougall

The committee seeks to establish and maintain close and cooperative relationships with other members of Clan MacDougall throughout the world, especially those who are attempting to create or revive clan societies in their homelands (e.g.. Great Britain, Europe, Australia, South America); facilitate communications between members of Clan MacDougall Society and these foreign clan folk. Prepares a yearly budget; prepares a yearly report for the President and the Board of Directors.

Internet: John McDowall and Chris MacDougall

loulech53@gmail.com  The Internet Committee coordinates and administers the electronic media efforts of the Society and governs its content, with the approval of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Primary media are the Society’s website, www.macdougall.org; its Facebook page, www.facebook/clanmacdougall; and its Twitter account, @clan_macdougall. The Committee strives to keep the content accurate and current and to keep Clan MacDougall Society at the forefront of the web and social media. We use the internet to maximize our exposure and visibility as a way to reach out to current and prospective new members. The Committee welcomes input and assistance from our general membership.

Membership: Valerie McDougall

vmcdougall@live.ca The Membership Committee, chaired by the Vice President for Membership, seeks to create imaginative ways to recruit new members and retain existing members. The committee attempts to make maximum use of technology to conduct business and to reach the greatest number of clanfolk.

Publicity: Vacant

As the official media relations committee for the society, this committee is responsible for the dissemination of all society information to the public. Included, but not limited to: Feature stories, announcements, publications, and advertisements in all media – visual, print, audio etc. Prepare a yearly budget; prepare a yearly report for the President and the Board of Directors.

Scholarships: Sarah Hereford

sfwhereford@gmail.com  The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to financially support learning endeavors that enhance knowledge or appreciation of the Scottish music and arts, the Society and/or our cultural heritage.  This might include a scholarship, fellowship, award, prize, or other method of financial assistance at North America and/or Scottish Universities, colleges, other appropriate institutions, or from an appropriate tutor/instructor. Further information on our Scholarships page.

The Tartan newsletter: 


Please send all announcements and articles you wish considered for publication in the upcoming Tartan Newsletters to: editor@macdougall.org

The Tartan, as the official international newsletter of the Clan MacDougall Society of North America, provides news journal communications that will be of interest to our general membership. Throughout the Society’s history, the Tartan editors have striven to produce the highest quality publication with an eye to efficiency and fiscal responsibility. Articles are typically in-depth, often dealing with historical subject matter, book reviews, biographical articles and other topics frequently supplied by members of the Society, interested and concerned individuals, and an editorial staff. An annual budget is submitted as well as an annual report to the President and the Board of Directors.

Youth: Beacham McDougald

McDougald@aol.com   The future of most organizations is their youth. When young people become an active part of Clan MacDougall they not only bring their own time and energy into the Clan, but also those of the remainder of their family. The Youth Committee of Clan MacDougall is intended to reach out to our youth, seek their ideas, and create programs to broaden their knowledge of our heritage. Prepares a yearly budget; prepares a yearly report for the President and the Board of Directors.

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