Other Clan MacDougall pages

Our clan’s page on Electric Scotland’s Web site includes a history of the clan and descriptions of the clan badge, motto, crest and tartan. Report a problem with this link

A closed group on Facebook created by Colin MacDougall in Scotland. This site offers a great wealth of information about MacDougall culture and heritage. Report a problem with this link

This site has information about Dunollie Castle, ancestral home of Clan MacDougall, and about ongoing events in and around Oban, Scotland. Report a problem with this link

A resource for the “Web 2.0” Internet users. This group was started by Robert MacDougall of California. Here is how he describes the group: “A meeting place for all descendants of Dugall. This is a place to share information for those who request it. I want this to become a place where we can all learn about the clan and it’s history. It is my hope that we will share family tree information and help fill in any gaps. This is an open group but let’s try and keep membership to only those who are apart of the clan.” Report a problem with this link

Clan MacDougall Society’s Facebook page enables MacDougalls to quickly communicate with each other in easy-to-use Facebook fashion. “Like” the page so you will see update from the Society in your own Facebook news feed. Report a problem with this link

Now located in the 1745 House Museum at Dunollie, there is a wide collection of information and artifacts collected by Miss Hope MacDougall, daughter, sister and aunt to three successive chiefs of the Clan MacDougall, before her death in 1998. “The MacDougall Collection is a folk-life collection which is recognised as one of the most important in Scotland,” the site’s home page says. Worth a look!  Report a problem with this link

Supports the preservation of artifacts and properties associated with Clan Societies and Septs of the Clan in Argyll and to educate the public and future generations about our rich heritage. Report a problem with this link