February 9, 2014

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One of the thousands of forums on GenForum, a genealogy site, the MacDougall forum is very active. A good resource for MacDougalls researching their roots. Report a problem with this link

Run by the Scottish government, with almost 80 million records to access, ScotlandsPeople is one of the largest online sources of original genealogical information. There are charges to view documents. Report a problem with this link


Ardchattan Parish, Benderloch   Report a problem with this link

Easdale Island Folk Museum

A collection of photographs, materials, and documents about life and history in the slate islands which are situated along the coast south of Oban. Report a problem with this link

Islay Farm Animals, History and cattle drovers   Report a problem with this link

Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society   Report a problem with this link

Mull Historical & Archaeological Society  Report a problem with this link


Scotland and Scots

Good article on the history of Scottish kilts. Report a problem with this link

Homecoming Scotland 2014 announced News Article. Tour your ancestral homeland, explore your Scottish roots and trace your family tree with the official genealogy web site of the Scottish Tourism Agency. Report a problem with this link

If you enjoy Scottish history you can use your computer to listen to a program series on BBC Radio Scotland called Walking Through History which has several different episodes and historic Scottish locations to choose from. They are well done and very informative. (suggested by Scott MacDougald) Report a problem with this link


This site claims to be non-political, but its position on the Union with England is transparent. It has some excellent music links and many articles on Scottish history. Quoting an e-mail from the webmaster, “Our aims and objectives are to promote Scotland’s future through understanding her heritage, culture and history. We are a non-political and non-religious organisation, and we welcome the views of others who share our world.” Report a problem with this link

Seeks to promote and preserve the Scottish Gaelic language both in Scotland and around the world. Report a problem with this link

Scottish art, Scottish Artists painting gallery with oil paintings of Scottish landscape and Castles. Contemporary original Art from Scotland for sale and to buy online. Report a problem with this link


The world’s largest international Scottish newspaper. Report a problem with this link

Scottish Music

Collection of Jacobite songs relating to the 1688, 1715 and 1745 uprisings. Over 230 songs with original MIDI arrangements, relevant comments, sheet music and “singable” translations from the original language. Jacobite monarchs of past and present days. Alphabetical and chronological song lists. List of Clans and the songs mentioning each of them . Main authors and composers of Jacobite songs, maps of Scotland, etc. Report a problem with this link


This is Scotland’s Online Sheet Music Store. Music for sale, penned by many of Scotland’s best musicians. 1000s of pieces of digital sheet music available to download by 60+ Scottish composers. Classical, Traditional, Jazz, Burns, Scots, Gaelic and more. (One of the owners is a MacDougall). Report a problem with this link

Scottish Societies


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