Two weeks along …

The new site has been up for two weeks now and there seem to be very few problems. I see new users joining steadily. There has been some confusion about why posts or comments don’t appear right away. We’re moderating forum posts or comments for general users. Those who are verified members of Clan MacDougall[…]

Day One Goes By

The new site has been up for 24 hours and I’ve seen no major catastrophes yet. Several new users have registered. So far, I haven’t seen any “fake” registrations from spammers. I have noticed that the black text in the left-hand column is hard to read on some monitors, so I will likely be making[…]

Summer 2006

With the country in the grip of a heat wave, Clan MacDougall held its Annual General Meeting in the cool mountains of western North Carolina. Grandfather Mountain Highland Games formed the backdrop for our gathering. Beginning Thursday night on the mountain the clans assembled, Clan MacDougall’s presence was voiced by two dynamic women, Tammy Rondinaro[…]