In the Christmas 2012 edition of the Tartan newsletter our president, Peter Clepper, reported on our urgent November 2012 donation to the Dunollie Preservation Fund to immediately assist Dunollie Castle. He said:

“This past month, we also convened our first web-based Board meeting. At that meeting, we agreed to an emergency request from Dunollie for funds to develop a major construction grant proposal. The purpose is to halt the deteriorating foundation of the Castle. Professional scientific analyses are essential for successful proposals. Ashby McCown has given us a report in this issue about the Castle situation.”

The article in the Christmas 2012 Tartan newsletter concerning our Board of Directors web based meeting also discusses the situation at Dunollie Castle. elaborates further:

“As a special additional item, Peter Clepper described a recent communication from Dunollie House. It has been known for some time that the foundation structures and base of the castle are progressively weakening. To remedy the situation, a major grant will be sought from the preservation trust: Historic Scotland. An application, however, must be accompanied by appropriate scientific and professional analyses, and the cost for these is fifteen hundred pounds, which the Dunollie Project foundation does not have. There is some urgency in moving these matters along.”

“A motion to send this amount from our reserve fund was discussed at length. Ashby McCown, attending as an invited observer, provided helpful information gained from his past several summers working on the historical collections at Dunollie House. The Board approved the motion. (A check was sent, with accompanying letter, on November 17.) Ashby McCown has given us a description of the Castle problem, in a related article.”