Working out the transition from old to new

Hello to all,
As we migrate to the new version of the Web site, I am eager to hear any comments or criticism.
The decision to switch to a new format was made for several reasons.
First, our old site’s layout and structure has been around since 1996 in one form or another. From 1996 until 1998, we were at and in 1998 we moved to but the overall look and feel of the site has remained much the same.
Second, and perhaps the most compelling reason from my point of view, was the inadequacy of the Forums software that we’ve been using since about 2003. The old Message Forums were hacked and defaced in 2005, with the hacker removing ALL of the previous messages. The membership database was left intact, but with no posts, the forum was back to square one. A newer version of the same software was installed, with this version having greater security measures to prevent hacking, but it continues to present a problem in that “SpamBot” scripts are constantly trying to register new “users” with the sole purpose of adding links to their Web sites, usually sites that promote Viagra or porn or some other such thing. Five or six times a day, I need to log in and delete these fake “users.”

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