Dunollie Castle Conservation Campaign

 Dunollie Castle urgently needs our help. Please answer the call with your contribution!

The Castle has long been deteriorating and is in critical condition. Walls are dangerously unstable in some spots. Access is no longer allowed until repairs are completed. It will take significant special funding for preservation work to continue. But with your help, there is still time to stabilize and even reverse the accelerating deterioration of Dunollie Castle. Please join our North American Society in our fight to save this historic treasure with your generous contribution.

Our goal: To respond by raising at least $25,000 by July 1, 2015. Every dollar counts.

In light of these critical needs, and consistent with our purposes, our Society’s Board of Directors is attempting to raise $25,000 for Dunollie Castle conservation projects. The Board will review specific project proposals for the use of these funds and monitor the execution of all approved proposals and expenditures.

Please consider giving. You will be able to make a one-time response, or to pledge an amount payable by July 1, 2015. Either way, Clan MacDougall and historic Dunollie Castle need our generous support.

A Letter from Madam Morag MacDougall of MacDougall, our Clan Chief:

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Thank you for answering the call to save Dunollie Castle!

Clan MacDougall Society is a nonprofit corporation and your charitable response may be tax deductible in the U.S., but please check with your tax professional.

The latest news from the staff of Dunollie and the 1745 House:

“It’s all go with renovations at Dunollie. We’re developing at high speed with our new scullery complete and work on going on the Loom Room and the Old Drapers Shop.  The shop is due to open on Sunday (so long as everything arrives on time!).  We have new paths to the Castle and to the Willow Garden and the site is busy with happy visitors.  We’ve a few new staff and generally the growth plan is going ‘according to plan’.

Now that Phase 1 of the Castle consolidation project is completed, we need to get on with the fund-raising for Phase II.

Although costs have not been confirmed yet, we are expecting the cost of Phase II to be at least £150,000 – we have secured £50,000 from Historic Scotland leaving a whopping £100,000 for us to raise before next March (2015).

We are very keen to engage our local community with this fund-raising effort to give a sense of identity and ownership of the castle which sits over them.”

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